Taking Zendesk Administration to another level

Welcome to the hub for Zendesk Administrators, where our aim is to empower you to develop Zendesk for your organization.  Our mission is to equip you with the necessary resources and tools to excel in your role as a Zendesk admin.

  • Suite of Zendesk tools designed for admins
  • Training and resources for Zendesk admins

About Us

We are Zendesk Admins

As the founding member of eZDesk, I bring with me a Zendesk admin certification and over 9 years of administration experience in Zendesk for various world-renowned organizations. We’ve initiated new instances and reconstructed some incredibly complex instances. Our experience includes the development of custom organization-specific integrations, localization and internationalization, custom Zendesk app solutions, Explore reporting and custom metrics, as well as help center customizations.

What our site offers

Resources for Zendesk Admins

We’re building this hub to support Zendesk Administrators in their quest to optimize their organization’s Zendesk experience. Our suite of Zendesk Admin tools provides a range of functionalities that make administration a breeze. Additionally, we will be offering an abundance of training and resource tools, designed to help admins develop and refine their skills. The eZDesk Job Board is the ideal platform for companies seeking to hire skilled Zendesk Admins, as well as for Zendesk Admins seeking new opportunities.