Describe Business Rules

Welcome to the Virtual Triggers Lab, an exclusive feature available with the eZDesk Super Admin Tools Pro subscription. This cutting-edge app empowers Zendesk administrators to modify existing triggers or create new ones in a secure, virtual environment. Experience enhanced control and efficiency in managing your Zendesk workflows, now with advanced capabilities offered by our Pro subscription.


Business Rules Evaluator app

Instantly Access, Explain, and Document Your Zendesk Business Rules

The “Describe Business Rules” app is packed with powerful features designed to make Zendesk rule management straightforward and transparent. Here are some key functionalities that set it apart:


Comprehensive Rule Search

Easily search across various business rules including Triggers, Automations, Macros, Views, SLAs, and Workspaces. Find the exact rule you need with intuitive search capabilities.

Detailed Rule Descriptions

View a clear and detailed description of each rule’s setup. This feature allows admins to understand and analyze the specifics of how their Zendesk environment operates.

Copy in HTML or Markdown Format

With a simple click, copy the descriptions of your business rules in either HTML or Markdown format. This is perfect for sharing insights with team members or incorporating into documentation platforms.



Enhanced Understanding

Gain a deeper insight into how each business rule functions within your Zendesk environment. This is essential for effective administration and troubleshooting.

Easy Documentation

Document your business rules effortlessly. Whether for internal training, team discussions, or keeping a record, copying descriptions in HTML or Markdown makes it incredibly easy.

Improved Communication

Explain the setup and logic of your business rules to non-technical team members or stakeholders in a clear and understandable format.


More to come

This is just the beginning

Stay tuned as we’re developing a whole suite of advanced features tailored to help you develop your Zendesk workflows.

Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming releases and get ready to transform your Zendesk experience. The eZDesk revolution has just begun!