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Take your Zendesk experience to a new level with our eZDesk Supepr Admin Tools. Designed specifically for Zendesk admins, our tools are crafted to streamline your administrative processes, reduce manual errors, and augment the efficiency of your support workflows.

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Launching the eZDesk Revolution

Experience the cutting-edge of Zendesk administration with our pioneering application – the eZDesk Super Admin Tools. Uncover the remarkable features and transformative capabilities our tools bring to your Zendesk experience. Dive into a detailed overview of the app’s functionalities and visualize its potential to elevate your workflow.

Business Rules Evaluator app

Business Rules Inspector

Improve your trigger testing. Preview what triggers will fire and what changes will be made without first updating a ticket

Business Rules Evaluator app

Business Rules Analysis

Improved tracking of elements and how they are used in your Zendesk
Quickly see what business rules are broken

Business Rules Evaluator app

Virtual Business Rules Labs

Design new business rules or change existing business rules virtually before committing changes to Zendesk

Business Rules Evaluator app

Describe Business Rules

Document your triggers, automations, macros and views with ease then copy/paste the description as Markdown or HTML

More to come

This is just the beginning

Stay tuned as we’re developing a whole suite of advanced features tailored to help you develop your Zendesk workflows.

Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming releases and get ready to transform your Zendesk experience. The eZDesk revolution has just begun!