Business Rules Inspector

Say goodbye to the struggle of auditing and editing triggers in Zendesk. eZDesk Super Admin Tools – Business Rules Inspector revolutionizes the way you manage your Zendesk environment. No longer will you need to create tickets or risk making changes in the production instance, potentially disrupting the live agent environment.


Business Rules Evaluator app

Unleash the power of your Zendesk triggers

No longer will you need to struggle with the risk and complexity of auditing and editing triggers. Welcome to a new era of Zendesk administration with eZDesk Super Admin Tools – Business Rules Inspector. This tool streamlines your workflow, takes the guesswork out of triggers, and allows you to focus on what really matters: your business.


Eliminate Risk and Increase Efficiency

Say goodbye to the old days of creating tickets or testing triggers in your live environment just to see what changes they will apply. With eZDesk, you can preview changes and assess the potential impact on your live agent environment without causing any disruptions.

Unprecedented Control with Innovative Features

This tool offers unparalleled functionality, revolutionizing the way you interact with Zendesk.

“Ticket changes” tab: This feature gives you an insight into every tweak you make. Here, you can see a summary of your ticket changes, understand the previous values, and even modify a ticket’s tags as an Admin if editing tags is disabled on your instance.

“Test changes” tab: Your safety net in the Zendesk universe. Here, you can virtually evaluate the complete stack of triggers, witnessing the changes they would make to the ticket without saving it. Dive deep into Metrics for a comprehensive overview of triggers’ behavior or explore the “Changes applied if ticket saved” tab to view all events. You also have the freedom to virtually set the submitter’s user type, the ticket status, or the channel used when testing triggers.

Test virtual triggers: An exclusive feature when you subscribe to Super Admin Tools Pro that allows you to safely experiment with your triggers. Edit or create new triggers without committing the changes to Zendesk. Include these virtual triggers in the test results or disable them at your convenience. Once you’re satisfied with the results, seamlessly commit the new or updated trigger to Zendesk.

Experience the future of Zendesk administration with eZDesk Super Admin Tools – Business Rules Inspector. Optimize your operations, save valuable time, and focus on your core business objectives. Try eZDesk today and revolutionize your workflow!

Discover the full potential of the Business Rules Inspector by watching our detailed demo video. This visual guide will take you through the app’s robust features and user-friendly interface, illustrating how it can enhance your Zendesk administration.


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More to come

This is just the beginning

Stay tuned as we’re developing a whole suite of advanced features tailored to help you develop your Zendesk workflows.

Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming releases and get ready to transform your Zendesk experience. The eZDesk revolution has just begun!