Change Log

General Release v1.1.2



  • Fixed a few minor bugs with creating and updating licenses for Super Admin Tools Pro



What’s new?

  • Updated Super Admin Tools on the Zendesk App Marketplace so that it is now free to install
    • The following app features are included for free:
      • Business Rules Inspector in the ticket sidebar
      • Business Rules Analysis in the app’s nav bar location
      • Describe Business Rules in the app’s nav bar location
  • Admins can now choose to upgrade to Super Admin Tools Pro by visiting the home page in the app’s nav bar location
    • New pricing has been created for Super Admin Tools Pro licenses that costs substantially less than when this was a paid app in the Zendesk Marketplace
      • Prices are discounted further based on the number of production Zendesk instances that are included in the license
      • Any sandbox instances that are associated to a licensed production instance are included for free
    • Virtual Triggers Lab has been updated to be a Pro feature




  • Virtual Triggers app
    • Added titles to Clone and Delete buttons in the list of Virtual Triggers
    • Fixed a bug in the Edit Existing Trigger tab where the first trigger in the list was not getting the proper ID of the trigger to order it above
    • Added notifications for when a Virtual Trigger is committed to Zendesk
    • Fixed a bug where if an existing trigger was being edited and the position of the trigger was changed the ordering of triggers was not being properly updated in Zendesk
  • Describe Business Rules app
    • Fixed a minor bug that caused the comment mode to show as “Public” when describing a macro that had the comment mode set to “Private”
    • Added highlighting to the business rule that is currently being viewed in the list of business rules



What’s new?

Published the eZDesk Super Admin Tools on the Zendesk Marketplace.