User Guide

The eZDesk Virtual Triggers Lab gives you a special space to make, adjust, and check triggers. With it, you can change current triggers or make new ones and test them out before adding them to Zendesk.


  • Virtual triggers tab: This tab shows up if you’ve made one or more virtual triggers. It lists all your virtual triggers, whether you made them from old ones or from scratch. You can also remove any virtual triggers here.
  • Edit existing trigger tab: Use this tab to change a trigger you already have in Zendesk. You can decide to keep your changes just in the lab, or you can save them back to Zendesk.
  • Create new virtual trigger tab: Here, you can make a brand-new virtual trigger. Pick which category it belongs to and where it should be in the list of Zendesk triggers. You can then decide: keep the new trigger in the lab to test with the Business Rules Inspector in the ticket sidebar, or if you’re sure about it, add it straight to Zendesk.