eZDesk Zendesk Apps Data Processing Agreement

This Agreement is between you and eZDesk.app LLC (“eZDesk”, “Processor”), outlining our commitment to data management, security, and privacy across all eZDesk applications integrated within Zendesk.


This policy reflects our dedication to securing and responsibly managing data across our suite of applications, ensuring adherence to industry best practices and compliance with legal standards in data security and privacy.

Data Collection and Use

  • Super Admin Tools:
    • Operates within Zendesk’s infrastructure, supplemented by DigitalOcean for API services related to license validation and management.
    • Collects customer’s Zendesk production and related sandbox subdomains for Super Admin Tools Pro subscribers, and encrypted license keys for subscription validation.
  • Smart Comments:
    • Fully contained within Zendesk’s infrastructure, making no external API requests.
    • Utilizes Zendesk’s payment model for monthly charges per agent, leveraging Zendesk’s integration with Stripe for payment processing.

Data Storage and Security

  • Super Admin Tools:
    • Our data storage and security practices include encryption of all data stored on DigitalOcean’s servers at rest, secure transmission of data through encrypted API requests, and the use of JWT for digital handshakes.


  • Super Admin Tools:
    • Zendesk: Serves as a foundational sub-processor for Super Admin Tools, hosting the application within its ecosystem. This partnership enables Super Admin Tools to integrate deeply with Zendesk’s platform, providing users with enhanced administrative capabilities directly within Zendesk. Through this integration, Super Admin Tools leverages Zendesk’s secure and scalable infrastructure to ensure reliable service delivery and compliance with data protection standards.
    • DigitalOcean: Serves as a sub-processor, hosting our API on their “New York Data Center 1 (NYC1)” facility. DigitalOcean’s commitment to data security is outlined in their legal documentation and Data Processing Agreement (DPA), accessible at DigitalOcean Legal.
    • Lemon Squeezy: Utilized for the management of license keys and subscription services, acting as a sub-processor and merchant of record for upgrades to Super Admin Tools Pro. Adherence to their Data Processing Agreement (DPA) ensures compliance with privacy standards, detailed at Lemon Squeezy’s DPA.
  • Smart Comments:
    • Zendesk: Hosts the Smart Comments application, seamlessly integrating with Zendesk’s infrastructure for enhanced user engagement directly within Zendesk’s environment.
    • Stripe: Zendesk facilitates payment processing through Stripe, leveraging its robust and secure payment infrastructure designed for transactions within the Zendesk Apps Marketplace. Stripe’s comprehensive suite of payment services ensures secure handling of transactions. Stripe’s commitment to data security and privacy is thoroughly documented, aligning with global standards and regulations. For detailed information on Stripe’s legal documentation, please visit Stripe Legal.

Data Retention and Deletion

  • Super Admin Tools:
    • Data related to unlicensed Zendesk instances is not stored. For licensed products, data is promptly deleted upon cancellation or removal.

Future Developments

We may introduce new features requiring additional data processing, adhering to this policy with communicated updates.

Commitment to Privacy and Security

Implementing robust security measures and complying with legal standards to protect personal and sensitive information is our utmost priority.

Contact Information

For inquiries or concerns regarding this Data Management Policy or our data handling practices, please contact our support team.

This policy is subject to changes and updates to reflect evolving services, legal requirements, and best practices. Significant changes will be communicated to users, ensuring ongoing transparency and compliance.