User Guide

Dive deep into the intricate web of your business rules with the eZDesk Business Rules Analysis tool. Gain insights into how ticket properties intertwine with your rules. Whether you’re pinpointing a tag’s presence, updating after an agent’s departure, assessing a ticket field’s dependencies, or just aiming to keep your Zendesk neat by identifying obsolete references, this tool has got you covered. Easily track the interplay of elements including tags, groups, agents, organizations, brands, fields, forms, channels, email addresses, webhooks, targets, and even a curated list of broken elements.

How to use:

  • Selection: Simply click on an element on the left, and you’ll immediately see all business rules referencing it on the right.
  • Search capability: Looking for a particular element? The search function helps you efficiently sift through the list and focus on your desired item.
  • List of rules: The associated rules for a chosen element are displayed on the right. You can either hop straight to the rule for editing, or, if you want a brief overview without navigation, just click the ‘i’ icon next to the rule name. You’ll get a concise description right within the tool.